Where Can Your Test Scores Take You? Florida University Admission Statistics

Florida residents and others similarly set on attending a university in the state of Florida need to know how their GPA and test scores stack up to the competition!

Use the chart below to track how your scores and grades compare to the entering class of 2014 at all major Florida universities. If your dream school isn’t listed here, or if you want to know more about admissions at any of these schools, use this website’s contact form to speak with an admissions advisor or meet with your high school guidance counselor.

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The SAT/ACT score and GPA ranges listed in the chart above are for the middle 50% of students admitted to the university. That means that 25% of students were admitted with scores or GPAs below these amounts, but likely had a challenging curriculum, strong recommendations, a personal hardship, or some other factor that makes them competitive for that particular university, and 25% were admitted with scores or GPAs above this range. If only one score or GPA is listed, it is the average for all admitted students.

A weighted GPA is calculated by adding 1 point for every AP, IB, or Dual Enrollment class and 0.5 point for each Honors class. For example, if a student received a B in AP Statistics and an A in Honors Biology, their standard GPA is 3.5 (3+4 /2) and their weighted GPA is 4.0 (4+4 /2). Some universities, in addition to using the weighted GPA, also consider only the ‘core’ class grades. In that case, grades in classes like Physical Education may not be used for admissions purposes. Be sure to check with your guidance counselor and the universities you intend to apply for more details on how you will be evaluated!

While your GPA is somewhat difficult to change late into the application process, you do have the opportunity to improve your test scores and increase your chance of admissions by preparing on your own or working with a test preparation tutor.

Please note: These statistics are put forward only as a guideline, and are not guaranteed to be official or accurate.

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